Monday, November 10, 2014

Update on the Exposure of American Troops to Iraq’s Chemical WMDs

           The New York Times reported last week that around 600 American soldiers were exposed to Iraq’s chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) after the Liberation of Iraq in 2003.  The liberal paper had reported last month that around a dozen and a half soldiers were injured by the exposure to poison gas, nerve gas or blister agents. 

It is unclear to what degree the exposure had led to any short- or long-term health problems, but the larger number underscores the magnitude of Iraq’s chemical WMD arsenal and the reported injuries to the soldiers and concerns about the exposure to the larger number of soldiers further demonstrates how Iraq’s chemical WMDs were not “degraded,” as critics of the Liberation of Iraq continue to claim. 

See also my posts from last month, Thousands More Chemical WMDs Have Been Found in Iraq, Wounding Soldiers, and Follow-Up to the Finding of More Chemical WMDs in Iraq,

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