Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving; Sixth Anniversary of My Blog/Blogger Visit Report

           Happy Thanksgiving!  Among my blessings for which I am thanking God are for the sixth anniversary of this blog today and for you who visit it.  Thank you. 

            I thought it would be interesting to share a few overall statistics.  I have now posted over 650 times.  This calendar year is the first that the number of posts did not decline from the previous year.  In fact, with this post, I have already posted more than in any year since 2011.  There are now 14 public Followers of my blog.  A total of 19 visitors have posted 52 comments on 45 different blog posts.  More than a dozen visitors have posted links to my blog on other websites, sometimes more than once or to more than one site each.               

            Blogger visit report
                        Although the data Blogger tracks from visitors is less specific than that of StatCounter, the blog host nonetheless provides useful information.  The overwhelming number of visits that StatCounter tracks are also tracked by Blogger, but the latter tracks far more visits than StatCounter, especially from foreign states.  Blogger detects visits either from the American States in general or from specific foreign states to specific webpages, including from those who do not allow such tracking to be detected by other trackers, like StatCounter.  It is difficult to discern how many of the visits detected by the blog host and not by StatCounter are by humans and not automatically generated by computers, unless Blogger reports the specific words searched or someone informs me privately of having visited, but it detects visits nearly every day and, at some point or another, to every post, as well as many to the blog homepage. 

           Please continue to visit periodically to read the latest news and my unique analysis.  Again, thank you for visiting, commenting or posting pages from my blog to other websites.  

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